Thursday, March 31, 2011

Kickstarter and Garden Clean-Up Day!

It's snowing! Hopefully it clears off and warms up a little in time for us to have our next scheduled Garden Clean-up and Opener Day. !!!

The weather is iffy, and chill, SO DRESS WARM, and come down, garden open
SATURDAY FROM 1 TO 4. but if it is really unpleasant weather, we will rain date to SUNDAY FROM 12 TO 4.We have a mission to clear up the North Fence, and do some more planting and planning, and maybe FIRE!

Also, we are still looking for a few more new members, so this weekend is a great chance to come by and sign up and get your veggie vouchers!

Also, very exiciting, our Kickstarter page is finally up!

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Hello everybody! If you are new to the Fertile Underground, welcome! This blog is where you can share photos, stories, lessons, ideas and observations about our communal garden. Anything you would like to see up here, just send to

Today is the Spring Equinox, and it was a gorgeous sunny, breezy day in Providence, RI. New and old members came together to spruce up the garden and get it ready for planting. It is looking neat and tidy after everyone's hard work. The walkways and open spaces were raked. The beds were weeded, cleared of old plantings, stakes and markers, and turned under. Our newest members are already showing themselves to be hardworking, enthusiastic, wonderful additions to our garden family, and it was fun to start envisioning our shared wealth of agricultural possibilities for the season.

We even got some seeds planted -- if you go into our greenhouse, aka the Sheman Faktory, you will find hundreds of tiny seedlings sprouting in the sunsoaked earthen planting shelf to your right -- mostly herbs, peas, and hardy lettuces. To your right you will see several trays which have just been planted with varities of dyer's corepsis and sweet marjoram.
We also planted a bed of "Over the Rainbow" carrots -- a mix of different colored carrots that should be ready to eat in June, and some peas and "Jacob's Cattle" beans, which are a delicious and beautiful dry bean that are white with brown speckles.

Come back again soon, I will be posting about some exciting new projects that Fertile Underground is working on in addition to the Garden at Pearl St. You can read about these exciting things at