Wednesday, October 5, 2011

New Website!

Oh yeah! I ALMOST FORGOT!! Fertile Underground has a shiny new website for your internet perusing pleasure! It is just in Beta for now, but you can join to post comments, just like on a forum, and it will be getting added to and updated regularly with news on all of Fertile Underground's exciting collective endeavors, such as: the garden, the worker co-operative, the natural food store and cafe, the Fishbowl, the Food Truck, and all the sweet community events that go on around here!

Check it out at

Firehouse 13 Show, Peppers

Hi Everyone, Sorry This hasn't been updated in so long.
It has been a good summer, a crazy summer. So much has happened.

We reached our Kickstarter goal and have been working, with the help of so many community supporters, new members, the WBNA, and awesome help from the Universe, to open a cooperatively worker-run, Natural Foods Grocery and Cafe at 1577 Westminster St.

Our Garden on Pearl St. has been bountiful and continues into the fall season yielding many greens, flowers, raspberries, tomatoes, hot peppers, eggplants, broccoli, potatoes, green beans, basil and other herbs. If you haven't been by lately, you should! The open hours, during which a garden steward can show you around, are posted on the fence by the gate. There is someone there almost everyday.

At the end of this month, we will bid a fond farewell to our Pearl St. garden as we return it to our landlord for his own future garden endeavors, having fulfilled our mission to beautify and renew a previously neglected lot. We turn our sights towards other areas of the city which are in need of transformation from wasteland to farmland. If there is a lot in your neighborhood that you would like to see built into a vibrant community space of healthy, organic homegrown food and lush vegetation, let us know!

Also, THURSDAY OCTOBER 13th at FIREHOUSE 13! We are hosting a concert and potluck harvest party! YOU SHOULD COME!! BIRNG YOUR FRIENDS AND SOMETHING TO SHARE!! More info will be posted about times and bands pretty soon.