Saturday, December 18, 2010

Pictures of the Flood

A bunch of photos of our garden, some flood mayhem, and the progress on the greenhouse, courtesy of Trev Hedge.
Fence. Interesting view of the front of Fertile Underground

Cobbles. Donation from neighbor: on Pine St., ; dormant/rubbish for about 3 yrs.; will be using in our Serpentine bed, in front of Garden

Beds. Seen from the front of the Garden, Pearl St. Side.

Beds. Greenhouse can be seen in the background.

Beds. local lovers claim their space in the pastoral garden.

Hotboxes. Dauna spent a bunch of time making sure that our Greens are going to go a few months into the cold of winter, protected by some of the donations that membrs have given us, like these storm windows.

Serp Bed Green. Even a light freezing doesn't deter some of the plants.The Rosemary plant, with Lamb's Ear, and another well-growing herb from the Back Serpentine Bed.

Spaulding Firebrick. Spaulding brick donated a load of industrial brick to us for use in the Greenhouse project. Some of this load of "rejects" is actually firebrick. It seems logical that those firebricks should all be used at our Rumford Stove Fireplace. Hopefully, we'll be able to throw a grill across the bottom bricks and have a cook-out across some nice Cherry tree wood.

Mike. Some guy named d'Spazio working in the Greenhouse (a.k.a. Sunhaus). I think he's one of our itinerant workers from the South [Side of Providence], trying to earn his day's ration. It looks like he's earned about the Tide's worth of credit for this job. Well Done!

Sheman Faktory. Our itinerant worker d'Spazio, seen through the blessing of the vestal saints, Ancient Bottle, and Rev.Bullsh*t wine; finishing his chores to collect that Tide, so that he may redeem it at the Fertile Underground Grocery, for a coveted jar of pecan butter.

Flood1-4. Not much to say, just overall shots of the effects of the Gremlins.

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